How to properly check your water levels in your Ultimate Pools pool

pool with wall

There has been a lot of talk about water bills lately in the Houston area thanks to reports of water bills skyrocketing recently. This issue was featured on Houston’s Channel 2 news a couple of weeks ago and is summed up with this article (which has an attached video).

Whether that skyrocketing is due to bad water meters, massive leakage, or self-correction from the water companies is up for debate, but it is something that has been a worry for homeowners. While we are completely confident that your Ultimate Pools pool won’t be the source of a spiked water bill, we do advise you to run your own test to make sure that you can determined whether a) you have a water leak in your pool and if so b) what the source of that leak is.

Is there a leak?

Before we start the test to determine the source of your leak, we have to determine whether there is a leak in the first place. To do this, you have to figure out what the normal rate of water evaporation is. That rate of water evaporation is dependent on external factors such as temperature, wind velocity and relative humdity along with the number of gallons of water that you’re measuring. For those of you who are mathematically inclined, check out this formula.

For those of you who aren’t, the basic rule of thumb is that any water depth loss of an inch or less in a 24-hour period can be attributed to natural evaporation. Surface level loss of 1-2 inches can be indicative of a leak but can also happen via evaporation in larger pools in hotter, drier, and windier conditions. Anything more than 2 inches is almost certainly indicative of a leak.

Finding the source

Now that we know what constitutes a leak, we can now figure out where the leak is coming from. The way to do this is by running this two-pronged test that will take roughly 48 hours to execute. Before running the test, go to your pool and figure out how far up the tile line on the side of your pool your water goes. Mark that point with an easily identifiable marker such as tape (do not use a permanent marker or anything that can’t be removed completely afterwards). Once you’ve done that, you can run the test.

  • Test one: Take an initial water surface reading, record it, then run your water pumps continuously for 24 hours. Once that 24 hours is up, measure your water surface level area and subtract it from the surface level from the day before.
  • Test two: Fill your pool back to the level it was at prior to the first test (you should still have the tape from that day on the tile). After that, wait 24 hours but be sure to turn off your water pumps and make sure there’s no water circulating in or out of the pool during that time. Measure again after the 24 hours is over and compare it to the marked level.

If you find a leak (a water level decrease of two inches or more) after running the first test with the pumps on, that indicates that you have a significant problem in your plumbing that needs to be addressed. In that case, there’s a significant amount of water that’s not making the journey from your pipes to the pool. Now, if you find a leak in the second test, that’s indicative of a leak in the pool’s structure.

If you’re worried about leakage and your pool, conduct these tests. At the very least, you’ll get a good idea of what you’re dealing with, if anything.

Throwback Thursday celebrates the first day of October!

Just because the calendar has changed to October does not mean pool season is over. You can still enjoy your Ultimate Pools pool for several weeks before any sort of chilly weather comes in. To get you in the mood, here are some pictures of a pool that we finished way back in the fall of 2006. Enjoy them, and enjoy these next few weeks of lovely Texas fall weather!

pool island late Sept. 06

pool rocks 2 late sept 06

pool rocks late Sept 06

pool rocks table sept 06

spa sept. 06

sweet pool rocks spa Sept. 06

Ultimate Pools honored to sponsor College Park volleyball

Courtesy of College Park volleyball.

Courtesy of College Park volleyball.

Football isn’t the only sport at The Woodlands College Park High School that Ultimate Pools sponsors. We are also happy to be in league with the school’s girls volleyball program, which started its season just a few weeks ago.

The Cavaliers have consistently been one of the top teams in the area, as they have made the playoffs eight years in a row and are off to a 14-7 start this season heading into the beginning of District 16-6A play. College Park went to the area round of the playoffs last season after winning in the bi-district round and finishing third place in District 14-5A.

College Park has also had a fair share of players move on to the college level, as the Cavaliers have sent players to universities such as Michigan, Ohio State, Virginia, UC San Diego, Sam Houston State and Tulsa. One alum, Lexi Erwin, plays professionally in Finland. College Park has two seniors committed to play for Division I schools next year, with Hanna Erwin set to go to the University of Denver and Kennedi Smith set to attend the University of New Hampshire.

Head out to College Park to watch the Cavaliers play district opponents such as The Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Conroe, Summer Creek, Kingwood and Atascosita. You can follow all levels of Cavaliers volleyball by clicking on their website or heading over to College Park volleyball is also very active on social media, so follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ultimate Pools heads back to the spring of 2005

Went digging through some of our older accounts from a decades and found some pre-construction photos from some work we did in the spring of 2005 that we’d like to share. Call it a Throwback Thursday if you will. This pool still being enjoyed now and, who knows, your new Ultimate Pools pool could be featured in a throwback post a decade from now.

Empty pool April 05

rock pre construction march 05

Empty pool 2 April 05

covered spa tile march 05

pool spa rocks tile march 05

pool spa tile 2 march 05

pool spa tile march 05

pool tile march 05

spa pool construction march 05

Ultimate Pools is proud to sponsor College Park Cavaliers football

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

There’s nothing like high school football season in Texas, and it’s no different in the communities that Ultimate Pools serves. Just like everyone else around here, we’re looking forward to the start of football season, especially at The Woodlands College Park High School.

We’re proud to provide financial support for the Cavaliers for the upcoming 2015 season, as College Park looks to qualify for the playoffs for the second straight season and for the fourth time since the school was founded in 2005. The Cavaliers will be competing in District 16-6A this season against Kingwood, Conroe, Atascosita, Summer Creek, Oak Ridge and, of course, The Woodlands High.

College Park opens its season today by playing a non-district game at Pearland High School at 7 p.m. The Cavaliers will play their home games at Woodforest Stadium in The Woodlands, where they’ll host Katy Taylor, Houston Benjamin Davis, Oak Ridge and Kingwood along with playing “at” The Woodlands on October 9.

Check out the College Park football website for information on all levels of Cavaliers football — from varsity to junior varsity to freshman. You can also keep tabs on the Cavaliers on, which has College Park’s schedule, roster, and statistics.